The receipt of your order can be done by Courier or by bus.
The delivery time will not exceed 24 hours from the time of departure.
All products are available in 7-10 days after receipt of order.

Shipping Cost
The shipping cost depends on the size of the order chosen by the customer and the partner Courier. The charges are very low.

Cancel Order
Our plans are unique up individually and not repeated ad exactly.
The cancellation of your order can be made 7 days prior to shipment.

The allows you to pay your order in the following ways:
• With a 50% deposit (in bank account) for the purchase of materials and delivery upon receipt of the products the remaining 50%.
• With repay the entire amount through a bank from the date of receipt of the order to the day of delivery.
• With delivery.

For any questions or label do not hesitate to contact us!