Traditional Greek tastes and smells.

Plum: Awesome and original flavor, made from fresh ripe plums, perfect for breakfast with fresh bread!

Strawberry: Summer and fragrant taste of fresh juicy strawberries. Ideal for Flora paste!

Pear: Slightly sweet with scent of fresh cut pears. Perfect for breakfast or dessert mixing it with banana and yoghurt.

Apricot: Rich taste of fresh spring peaches. Flavor that excites not only at the start of the day, and accompanying cakes or tarts!

Sour: Intense cherry flavor with distinct ruby red color, a sweet way to accompany one’s milk or a morning coffee.

Cherry: Incredibly enjoyable fragrant taste of fresh cherries. Perfect for breakfast or for decorating a cake.

Lemon: Authentic taste of lemon, with original flavor. Combines well with butter smeared on bread, but is used as a filling or icing on cake lemon.

Quince: Especially delicious and original flavor with an intense aroma of clams.

Orange: Intense flavor of fresh oranges. Covered with delicious butter bread and sweets or cakes!