Almost all fruits can be sweets. Each sweet reflects the time of year when the fruit was at the peak of maturation. Sweets of all fruits and unripe fruits..

Plum: Rich plum flavor, which ripens in the late summer. A very tasty sweet with beautiful color, combined beautifully with roasted almons whitened.

Pout: The fragrant fig made from Greek figs, which provides us with an abundance of nature from August to the end of the year. Almons stuffed with white or plain. Drizzled with chocolate sauce we enjoy a unique combination of flavors.

Quince: Crispy fresh clams tossed with blanched whole almonds. It ripens in October, with a sweet flavor and wonderful soft golden color. Accompanied with strained yogurt is a perfect combination for a refreshing dessert.

Grape: The blessed fruit of the vine matures in August. The grape has a sweet and fragrant aroma and reminds memories from the past for those who love grape. Original Greek traditional sweet, perfectly accompanied with Greek coffee.

Zucchini Grinders (Dolmas): such a great sweet, that captures all the flavor and aroma of the pumpkin. Ripens in July and is characterized by its beautiful color. Prepared with or without peanut. Combines nicely with banana chips.

Zucchini bits: All the flavor and aroma of pumpkin in an impressive shape bits. It also matures at the summer.

Pear: Slightly sweet with scent of fresh cut pears ripen in early summer until November. Those who enjoy pear, will love it.

Sour: The most popular Greek sweet. A sweet dainty and light
with intense cherry flavor and distinct red color. Produced by Greek fresh sour cherries ripen at summer. Accompanied with ice cream, yogurt, chocolate or hang out with a Greek coffee.

Carrot: Another original taste made with almonds or without. Serving with ice cream, a sour cream or homemade sweet creation.

Orange: Prepare with whole pieces of orange peel or sliced. The unique bittersweet flavor combined with juicy peel fits beautifully with chocolate chips creating an innocent sweet temptation. Matures in January and enjoyed for several months.

Lemon: Lemon Authentic taste, slightly sour with a very sweet flavor. Matures towards the end of the year and enjoy it until April. Combined with some crunchy hazelnut pieces offers a unique experience of flavors.

Tangerine: it can be prepared whole or cut into thin strips. With crispy skin inside and the unfolding bittersweet juicy flavor outside. Intense aroma and lovely golden color combined into a strong flavor. Matures in November to April.

Apple-Firiki: it can be Prepared whole, replacing the stones with amygdalaki or cut into small cubes. with raisins. Fresh fragrant apples that our nature offers us almost throughout the year combined with the aroma of cinnamon.

Kiwi: Intense sweet taste of fresh herbs kiwifruit ripen in February and October. It’s golden color and special taste give them the right to classify the most unique sweets.

Strawberry: A red dessert which is made with juicy strawberries that nature offers us from May to June. Strong and intense flavor of fresh strawberry in our mouth, which reminds us the sweet summer. Perfect combination with yogurt, ice cream, or chocolate syrup.

Cherry: Produced by Greek big juicy cherries. Cherry has a unique deep red color and incredibly delicious flavor. It can be served delicious with yogurt or ice cream and you can also decorate nicely your cakes.

Apricot: Rich taste of fresh spring peaches. A delicious juicy sweet with an intense aroma and strong flavor. Combined with yogurt gives you the fresh experience of peach.